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Nascor architects follow a standard architecture framework to ensure your infrastructure and the cloud work together to meet your business goals. They understand that a solid enterprise architecture foundation begins with understanding the possibilities. To develop the blueprint, the architect gains a deep understanding of your goals for performance, security, resilience, disaster recovery, and governance. Each application is assessed based on the goals and specific criteria to determine next steps. This builds the foundation for the architecture decisions including cloud operating models and vendor options.


The Nascor team will provide you with everything essential to manage the migration:

  • Cloud Strategy and  Solution

  • Cloud Architecture

  • Cloud Migration

  • Operations and Management

  • Cybersecurity and risks


Nascor offers a collaborative approach across business and IT, a comprehensive cloud strategy and a business case that encompasses both supply and demand. We help determine your vision, principles, suitability, architecture, operating model, impact, business case roadmap and selection.

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